Saturday, October 24, 2009

Starting A Fashion Business: Legal Issues

I. Intellectual Property



Trade Dress


Design Patents

Utility Patents

Trade Secrets

II. Business Entity Forms

Sole Proprietorship

General Partnership

Limited Liability Partnership

Limited Partnership

Limited Liability Limited Partnership

Limited Liability Company


III. Other Registrations, Filings and Occupational Licenses

Fictitious Name

Certificate of Use

City License

Restricted Business License

Home Office Permit

Occupational Licenses

Retail Store

Cutting/Sewing/Pressing Service

Embroidering/Monograming Service


Designer or Interior Designer


IV. Contracts


Work for Hire

Consulting or Independent Contractor

Confidentiality and Non-Competition

Commercial Workspace

Real Estate Purchase Agreements

Commercial Leases


Manufacturing and Distribution

Website Development, Hosting and Maintenance Agreements


Advertising and Publicity

Merger or Acquisition of Fashion Businesses


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